Wearing Underscarf

As Salamu Aleykum our esteemed customers,
Today, we are talking about underscarf. The purpose of this article to explain underscarf, why must we use them and types of underscarf.
Lets start with explaining of underscarf. It is a small piece of fabric most of the time made from soft jersey or any other comfortable material. Nowadays, it can be many different colors to match any colors hijab and shape to use.
You can think underscarf as an accessories for hijab. However, it is most important item to covering your hair. The aim of underscarf is to cover and keep your all hair from outside of your hijab and also help not to slip your hijab on your head.
There are several types of underscarves
1)Tube Underscarf
It looks like a tube with open ending. It is the most comfortable underscarf because of using. You can slip on your head and it is not necessary tie and it allow you to feel free.
2)The (Bonnet) Underscarf with Tie
The most common underscarf type is bonnet with tie. You can cover your hair tail and adjust tightness with tie.
3)Under Cap Like Turban
This type underscarf looks like turban. You wear and cover all hair directly. It can be detailed with pearl, stones, silver lines and etc. to create a new style hijab fashion wearing it under hijab.
4)Ninja Underscarf
It is cover your hair and neck completely. It is the safest underscarf for using. It protects to open your neck even though your hijab slip or open from your neck.

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